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Nature is already depreciating in quality, starting from our place of living, the sea, the river, the forest and the air that we breathe are standing at an alarming rate. The ozone that works to protect use from the harmful UV ray is becoming thinner. All these are due to many ways of living which is not friendly to the environment. The effects could be felt directly in the form of flood, air pollution, and beach abrasion to global warming.

Reinforcing a sense of love and care towards the environment is very important for the children at an early stage, because it is in the hands of these successors that the world and its contents are at stake.

Television is a media where children directly absorb influences towards their thoughts and way of living. A good TV program will result a goof impact to the children. Thus a poor TV program results negative impact.

The existence of a program that allows children to go back to nature is very important. SAHABAT ALAM comes as an Educational TV Program that will allow the children to explore the nature and its environment thoroughly. The program will be presented in a light and interesting approach by ADELINE.


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