About Us

Founded in 2008, Sahabat Alam was established out of a serious apprehension regarding the state of Jakarta’s environment in the wake of the 2007-2008 Jakarta Flood. We realized Jakarta citizens of all age need to preserve the environment. This led to our first mangrove planting event.

Now, we want more children all across the globe to understand the importance of preserving the environment. As the ones inheriting the future, young generation needs to be involved in whatever treatment given to the environment. Sahabat Alam exists to serve as a vessel to unite and rally all youth towards proliferation and real actions.

  To nurture the sense of love and responsibility towards the environment at an early age through active environmental action and campaign

  To form a community of young generation with high environmental awareness regardless of distance or language barrier

  To spread early education and environmental awareness on environmental issues through critical understanding on its root causes and mitigation efforts

  To become a exemplary platform for young generation in appreciating early environmental efforts

  To transform young generation to be the agent of change towards the environment


2008 | Sahabat Alam was founded

Our First International Events :

  Clean Up East Asia Campaign

  For which we were awarded UNESCO Award

2009 | More Awards and Events

Awarded :

  INDEX Environmental

  Young Eco-Hero

2010 | Reached 10,000 Children and Youths

First Represented in :

  UNEP Tunza Children and Youth Conference

  UNFCCCC Conference of Parties

Received National Energy Globe Award

2011 | Co-Hosted UNEP Tunza International Children’s Conference with Indonesian Ministry of Environment

More awards under our belt

2012 | Awarded Presidential Billion Trees Planting Award


More Representation in International Conferences

2013 | Received International Diana Award

Awarded Indonesian Green Leadership Awards for 3 Categories

2014 | Reached 25,000 Children and Youths

Awarded ASEAN Champions of Biodiversity Award

2015 | Revamped Our Online Presence

Introduced Our Core 6 Projects

"Save the Planet" Reached +40 Educational Institution

2016 | Reached 50,000 Children and Youths in 14 Countries

Ongoing :

  NGO International Accreditation from UNFCCC