Lighting Up Cilulumpang

Climate change has turned the tides in the dealings of energy and its related commodities. As our fuel and other power-generating resources constantly depletes and extremely difficult to renew, electricity in far-flung regions gets harder to come by. Not to mention, those unrenewable energy sources are very harmful towards the environment. Thus, it is high time for us to shift our energy sources towards those environmentally-friendlier and renewable.

Sahabat Alam believes that the change should start in the place in dire need of energy. Cilulumpang has been struggling to meet its energy demand by solely depending on conventional facilities for electricity. Sahabat Alam and friends decided to help solve this problem by pitching in through one of the ways they can: sharing knowledge. Equipped with the knowledge they get from school subjects like Math and Physiscs, Sahabat Alam utilized the overlooked potential of a nearby waterfall, Curug Dendeng. The force of the waterfall is then converted to a source of energy for power plants with the aid of Electric Generator Water Reel that they installed. This new source of energy is sustainable and has no carbon prints, exactly the alternative we are looking for.

This project aims to increase confidence in young mind that they indeed have something to contribute towards environmental preservation efforts. With this new confidence, it is hoped that they will be more eager to join or even introduce new measures in saving and preserving our nature.