Mangrove Planting with ELMO – BEM FHUI

To ensure that conservation efforts thrive and is prevalent among people, one of the most crucial steps to do is to legally codify it as a responsibility for all members of society. This is why environmental law is one of a topic discussed in Faculty of Law University of Indonesia resulting in its own movement, the Environmental Law Movement (ELMO). To celebrate its launch and as a pilot program, ELMO held discussions under the theme “Conserving Earth with Law”. Not only discussion, in cooperation with Sahabat Alam, law students and other participants are invited to plant mangroves in Kawasan Hutan Lindung Angke Kapuk, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia.

Through this event, it is hoped that the green movement and conservancy effort could be expanded to a wider, more varied audience and participants. The event is also hoped to raise a sense of belonging and responsibility towards nature by establishing good habits of planting trees and having a sustainable lifestyle.