City Forest Development

We often stand on crossroads between favoring the environment or our lifestyle and development. Actually, we don’t always have to choose one over the other. They both can go hand in hand. In terms of the usage of land, you don’t have to always choose between having an estate or using the land for parks as the city lungs. The land can be shared for both.

This is what Indonesian Ministry of Forestry had in mind and wanted to tell Indonesian society. The National City Forest Development Program was launched, where city forest were planted near estates. Sahabat Alam participated this year’s event in Pulo Gadung Industrial Estates. In this event, every layer of society actively participated in the creation of city forest including Indonesian Ministry of Forestry Officials, DKI Jakarta Vice Governor, Representatives of Jakarta Districts’ Officials and also businessmen by planting 1500 trees of Pili Nuts (Canarium ovatum), Mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni), and Katapang (Terminalia catappa).

Through this event, it is hoped that everyone will be able to live in harmony with nature and be more eager to conserve nature.