Indonesian Youth Delegation at UNFCCC COP 17

United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change is a part of UN that accommodates the exchange of ideas and policies among countries related to environment. Such platform is provided seeing how our earth is one massive system of interrelated ecosystems where one event that happened in one place could affect environmental stability in another. UNFCC member states would congregate in Conference of Parties (COP) annually to talk about global agreements and negotiate each countries’ respective interest

For COP 17, Sahabat Alam was appointed to be a part of Indonesian Youth Delegation along with twelve other curated individuals. This year, 197 countries will gather in Durban, South Africa, to talk further about Kyoto Protocol and other bodies within UN and UNFCCC itself to better enhance preservation efforts.

It is an honor to have represented Indonesian youths and deliver opinions from young generations point of view in an important international congregation. Hopefully, global conservancy effort would be more inclusive towards youth and be more effective in mitigating issues revolving our nature.