Blue No More

The sea is supposed to be a place where various creatures can thrive and maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, various anthropogenic activities offset the delicate stability of nature. It is up to us young generation to start taking actions and try our best to conserve marine ecosystem. Sahabat Alam brings youth closer and more active in preserving marine life through numerous beach cleaning and coral reef preservation programs.

Friends of Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Oct, 26 2008

The staggering decline of our biodiversity is something...

Coral Reef Conservation

Oct, 26 2008

One of the most essential actors in marine...

Fish Breeding

Feb, 22 2009

Oftentimes, people sweat less about using renewable resources...

Return Bali Sea Turtles Home

Jan, 02 2011

Every link in the food chain is essential...

Cleaning Pulau Tidung

Nov, 26 2011

Coral reefs and clean beaches continuously decline over...